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Innovation in energy: A new kind of moonshot

Back in 1969, the phrase “Houston, the Eagle has landed” affirmed Texas’ place in history and underscored Texans’ contributions to innovative technology and scientific research.

Texas has diversified tremendously in the nearly five decades since Johnson Space Center received those historic transmissions from space. But it was a different kind of moonshot that first propelled Texas into the global spotlight.

Nearly 70 years before astronauts set foot on the moon, it was Spindletop that would usher in the Oil Boom and put Texas on the map, launching a new era of transformational discoveries and innovations in the oil and natural gas industry.

Since those early days, technology and innovation have propelled the Lone Star State and the United States to new heights. As the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer, America with its homegrown research, technology and investment has helped to increase our access to affordable energy, strengthened our nation’s security and created jobs and critical revenue for local, state and federal government. READ MORE.

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