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Ask Your Kids

Kids say the craziest things, and we want to hear from them!

We bet that your kids are PROUD to have their mom or dad work in the oil and natural gas industry. We want to highlight moms and dads that work hard in the energy industry through the eyes of their children. 

For a chance to have your child’s hilarious/proud/silly response featured on TXOGA social networks, follow these steps:

  1. Record your name and occupation, and the name of your child or children in the text box. First names are all we need!
  2. Ask your child or children to answer this question and write it in the text box: “Why are you proud that your mom/dad works in the energy or oil and natural gas industry?”
  3. Submit a photo of your child or children, a photo of you and them, a photo of their handwritten answer, or video of them answering the question to [email protected]

**Please note that we will only use first names and job titles (not employer/company) in our posts on our social media channels. These posts will be public and by submitting a response, participants acknowledge that they will be used in this manner.

Families like yours are the backbone of Texas, and we can’t wait to hear what your children have to say! 

As an example, Mother, Wife, and Founder of Pink Petro Katie Mehnert asked her daughter why she was proud of her for working in the oil and natural gas industry. Ally, 6, answered that she is proud of her mom for the following reasons:

  1. My mommy is making it easier so I can be a “ninjaneer” when I grow up.
  2. Because we need energy to get to school in the car.
  3. Because I love taking trips on the airplane to New York to see the Statue of Liberty and to Atlanta to see Nana.
  4. Because I love wearing mom’s hard hat.
  5. Because I want to be just like mom.


Ask Your Kids

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